Getaway to Georgia with Ukrainian International Airlines

We are firm believers that traveling means living your life the fullest. As you may know from our previous posts, our trip to Georgia was extraordinary. People, food, places – all this was a part of an incredible journey that we were so happy to share with our followers. You can find all the photos we took while we were there in the Gallery section of this website. 

Winter is just around the corner which means you still have time to book a trip to Georgia to discover its’ truly astonishing sights. November is perfect for hiking and exploring mountain regions. If you want to explore old  cathedrals and vineyards – it’s best to go in spring while the weather is not too hot. To get to Georgia, you can catch a plane using the services of Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA).

That’s why we have partnered with Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) to give you the most exceptional experience ever. UIA gives you a great opportunity to also explore Ukraine on the way to Georgia.

Flights from New York to Kiev is one of the popular destinations among customers of Ukraine International Airlines. Taking a flight PS 232 from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York with UIA, you arrive at Kiev Boryspil International Airport in less than 9 hours.

Although tickets to Kiev from New York can be bought at an affordable price, you can still save some more costs when making a reservation in advance. Thus, you can easily find New York Kiev cheap flights and have more money for your stay in Kiev or extend your budget for return tickets on PS 231 flight.

Kiev is not only a political, financial and cultural center of Ukraine. It is also one of the most visited cities among tourists from different countries. The greatest attractions of Kiev are perhaps its cathedrals and churches. The Holy Dormition Kiev-Caves Lavra, St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, and Saint Sophia’s Cathedral are just some of “must-see” points in the city.

Kiev parks are also fascinating and will impress any tourist, but obviously they are most beautiful in spring and summer. Old streets of the city center are charming in any season of the year, and it is a real pleasure to walk from The Botanic Garden or the Golden Gate way across the Khreschatyk street, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Andriivski Uzviz and down to Podil to see Dnipro river.

Ukrainian cuisine is one of the richest in the world. Many visitors fall in love with Kiev from the first trip.

You can find all the information on the UIA website or you can contact us at Panorama Travel website by clicking these links.

Our Trip

Day 1, May 25th

On my way to the beautiful Republic of Georgia – the trip starts with the hop over the ocean on Ukrainian Airlines and Kyiv, Ukraine – a great way to get there… finally added Boeing 777 to their fleet – a nice a smooth ride over the pond (8 1/2 hours)… and wouldn’t you know – so much happening here – including the UEFA Champions League game between Liverpool FC and Real Madrid …. The fans are restless as soon as they land… But no bother – I head straight to my favorite spot for a business meeting Vero Vero on Podol, Kyyivs’Ka Oblast’, Ukraine for my favorite grilled Dorado.


Day 2, May 26th

Saying goodbye to Kyiv, Ukraine – my quick stopover in my #health and #wellbeing tour to Tbilisi, Georgia 🇬🇪– lovely weather, great sightseeing, beautiful #nature – and always great coverage thanks to Panorama Travel New York City.


Day 3, May 27th

Day 1 in Tbilisi, Georgia was eventful: lots of sightseeing, architecture, delicious food tasting, wine sampling (if you can call it that), and friends-making… Exploring #healthy lifestyle, #wellbeing, and #gastrotourism – more to come in this wonderful country Georgia (country) with the help of Panorama Travel New York City and Pond Mobile.


The same day, May 27th

Amazing experience at the Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel – where else can you have this great pool and steam bath all to yourself at 7am overlooking Tbilisi, Georgia #health #wellness #wellbeing


Day 4, May 28th

Day 2 of the trip to Georgia (country): visit to Kakhetia wine region with the most amazing wines, cooking classes, wine tasting, tasting of Georgian ‘grape skin moonshine’ chacha, making of Churchkhela, a visit to ალავერდის მონასტერი / Alaverdi Monastery (dating back to the 11th Century), and of course amazing Georgian Food at our final destination, Lopota Lake Resort & Spa – ლოპოტა სპა რეზორტი – a beautiful gem settled in the mountains… More details to come – many thanks for the hospitality of the Government of Georgia.


Day 5, Mat 29th

Georgia (country) is the land of roses and vineyards – the day begins with a beautiful walkthrough of the Lopota Lake Resort & Spa – ლოპოტა სპა რეზორტი – we are making new friends as well… There are tens, if not hundreds of varieties of #roses here – mostly tea rose 🥀 variety and others… Georgians are a kind and emotional nation, full of love ❤️ and positive attitude – must be the wine, great food, pride at what they do, and lots of hugs 🤗 #georgia #smile


We continue Day 3 with a quick lunch stopover in one of the most picturesque restaurants – Pheasant Tears, Signaghi – in beautiful Signagi – owned and founded by John Wurdeman, an American who fell in love with the country, people, food, and traditions.. the winery produces over 40,000 bottles seasonally and John revived the culture of qvevri wine making, which goes along with chacha making as well.. the restaurant is amazing as well and I had the privilege of visiting the kitchen and meeting the crew and Gia, the master chef, who prides himself on fresh salads, amazing chicken and lentil dishes, and a unique combination of local herbs and spices that make this culinary and wine tasting experience out of this world.. A small museum completes this wonderful home-like rendezvous and the texture, rugs, painting, and costumes give you a complete any-weather satisfaction about this trip, making you wonder why you’ve never visited this place before… #loveit


Day 6, May 31st

Day 4 of our Georgia (country) wellness, cultural and Gastro/Wine tour, full of surprises and rich in experiences. We started with two of the most notable monasteries dating back to the 6th and 11th Centuries, respectively. Jvari monastery dates back to 6th Century and is described by many poets (most famous is by the Russian poet Lermontov in his poem Mtsyri) – overlooking two rivers joining: Kura and Aragvi. We continue with the 11th Century marvel, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, with the most beautiful town around it. The Cathedral is one of the most picturesque in #Georgia and contains burial plates of famous Russian and Georgian royalty.. after getting a little hungry and thirsty, we continue on to Château Mukhrani • შატო მუხრანი where we sample amazing white, red and rose wines, followed by a trip to Iago’s Wine/იაგოს ღვინო winery, where I get to meet Iago himself and have the most delicious Georgian lunch (will write more about it at – on the way to Borjomi, we find a homeless Beagle puppy, ask the locals to adopt him and continue on #wellbeing #wellness #wine. A delicious medley of Georgian appetizers with cheese, cornbread, vegetable pastes, sauteed eggplant, local bacon, and a lot more — at Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.


Day 7, June 1st

Borjomi (town) deserves a dedicated post because of it’s beauty, diversity, and history. Borjomi is a resort town in central #Georgia. It’s known for its mineral waters, with springs in Borjomi Central Park. Nearby, trails wind through the vast wilderness of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. A recently built Crowne Plaza Borjomi is the centerpiece of the area and is a five-star resort with swimming pool, yoga room, selection of suites, and a restaurant on premises. We ventured to the famous Borjomi Natural Spring Sulfur Baths, through the park and via a nice 3.5km picturesque hike (one way). All throughout the park and above, we can enjoy the drinking water from the source – with its distinct sulfuric and metallic taste, people have been drinking it for medicinal purposes to treat gastrointestinal ailments. Enjoy friends – it’s a beautiful site – thanks to Panorama Travel New York City and Pond Mobile #springwater #health #wellness


Day 8, June 5th

Grand Finale of the gastro/wine/culture/architecture tour of Georgia (country) (Day6/7): this has been an amazing trip and we definitely saved the best for last. A trip to the Kazbegi – one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the world. Followed by a trip to Ananuri, Dushet’Is Raioni, Georgia – one of the most amazing monasteries and military castles. We even drank water from the Iron Mountain to feel strong 💪🏻 😜. On the way back we stopped by an authentic Georgian Khinkali (ხინკალი) House (Dumpling House) to learn how to make some delicious ones. Back to wonderful Tbilisi, Georgia for an amazing Cooking School masterclass and later on for a treat at the five-star gourmet restaurants at the Writers House featuring non-traditional dishes by Tekuna Gachechiladze (she owns the cooking school as well). The explosion of emotions, tastes, experiences can only be topped by the amazing people of Georgia (country) – open, hospitable, friendly, cheerful, caring, and beautiful. I want to Thank David Nozadze (our amazing guide), Vera Pearson, Irene Sino, Michele Mor and many others for putting this trip together, and teaching me the Georgian way! Guamarjos my friends! #wellbeing #health #wine #wellness #beauty#friends


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