Georgia becomes more and more popular among tourists not because you can try delicious food there or visit ancient sightseeing but also for numerous entertainment options which are available there, such as Iconic clubs, archetypal pubs and bars, traditional wine cellars, delicious restaurants, You can try your luck at casinos as well.


Electronic music became popular in Tbilisi decade ago and now the city is among world’s top destinations for clubbing. A new generation of Georgians successfully transformed old soviet buildings into the mind-blowing venues for partying.  World media often compares Tbilisi to Berlin. Each weekend you will find top rated artists from mainly from Europe and also from other countries in local clubs. The most iconic clubs and venues for electronic music lovers of Tbilisi are Bassiani, Mtkvarze, Cafe Gallery, Khidi, Tivi, Elektrowerk and etc. Each of these places are unique with their individual spirit, own back-story and all of them are very impressive. You get the updates from them on their Facebook pages and you can easily buy tickets online.


Pop and rock music, karaoke and a lot of cover concerts are taking place in Shardeni and Perovskaya areas of Tbilisi. There are a lot of bars that tourists like to visit. The locals prefer to hang out in places like Fabrika.


Autumn and spring bring festive gastronomic experiences at New Wine Festival, Cheese Festival, Tbilisoba and many other events, where you can get closer to the culture and taste local cuisine. Visiting indoor water parks, playing board games or quests, going to cinema and doing shopping are good options for rainy days.

Theatre and movie festivals, as well as international Tbilisi Jazz Festival are traditionally held in November. Check out the website with tickets:,,

Winter in Georgia reduces the temperature, but not fun. You can visit local restaurants for authentic Georgian food that you will never forget. Bars and clubs of Tbilisi become crowded even more. Of course, after active nightlife you need to recover.

New Wine Festival 2015

Incentives to visit Georgia become more and more various and all of them are impressive. Those who enjoy food, wine, folk dances and songs should consider coming to Art Gene in July, Cheese festival and “Tbilisoba” in October. New Wine festival should also be noted as one of the most attended event during the year.


Georgia has strengthened its position on the world map of entertainment. There’s always something cool happening here. Any weekend of the year you will definitely find some top international artists live on some stage of Tbilisi. People here hang out pretty well. Electronic music being super popular in Georgia has developed a festival culture, thus, within a short period of time, encouraged top-level music festivals such as: Gem fest in Anaklia, Sou festival in Tbilisi, 4GB festival in Tbilisi, Black Sea Jazz festival in Batumi, Tbilisi Open Air and etc. This year, Georgia will be hosting: Jamiroquai, Paul Kalkbrenner, Elton John, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Boris Brejcha, Solomun, and Worakls along with other 500 popular artists from around the globe.


Looking for something special? Not a problem – enjoy different cultural events like: Theatre festival, Tbilisi international film festival, Color Fest, Photo festival “Kolga” , Ice cream festival, Street food festival, Tbilisi Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion week and etc.